Amy Shojai: Dogs Eating Poop?

cover image - why do dogs eat cat poop

We are delighted that we were recently featured by Amy Shojai, award winning author and pet expert. See below for an excerpt and click here for full article. 


" Most new owners are delighted by puppy antics but dogs eating poop prompts anything but smiles. My own darling Magic indulged when he turned six months old. He’d make a beeline to visit his horse buddy next door and find the nifty treats she left on the ground. After these nasty snacks Magic always tried to kiss everybody on the lips, yuck! Thank doG, he finally outgrew the behavior…

Until recently when he relapsed. Urk! That’s why I’m thrilled today to be reviewing The Door Buddy.

The Door Buddy is a management tool that helps you control access to the cat’s litter box and/or food bowl–or kitty’s favorite room. Essentially, it’s a peel-and-stick low-tech and economical solution that installs in minutes. The adjustable strap allows you to determine the size of the door opening, so that your smaller cat can come and go (and eat or eliminate in peace) while preventing larger animals–including babies and toddlers!–from entering the area.

Do you have dogs that pester your cat during dinner or potty duty? Or maybe you have Mutt-and-Jeff size dogs that need to have separate feeding ops? I could see the Door Buddy working particularly well for multi-pet homes–but also as a boon to keeping your cats calm when the grandkids come to visit! "

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Amy also posted a video review in her Ask Amy Review segment on YouTube.  Check it out below.