Dog & Baby Proofing The Litter Box Made Easy With Door Buddy®

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Do you have dogs, cats, toddlers, babies, or small children?  Do you struggle to keep dogs out of cat food or worse, the litter box? Would you like to keep your toddler out of an older sibling's room? Do you have a toddler that loves to explore the house and somehow he/she always seem find the cat litter box? If you answered yes to any of these questions, Door Buddy is the perfect solution for you.

Door Buddy® is a lockable door latch that easily mounts to a door and door frame with 3M VHB tape. What really makes Door Buddy unique is the adjustable strap and easy use lock/unlock latch system. Door Buddy keeps dogs and toddlers out of the room with the cat litter box by keeping the door open wide enough so cats can easily come in and out of the room as they want but narrow enough so dogs and toddlers cannot.

Door Buddy also works great for solving the older sibling vs younger sibling room problem by giving the older/taller sibling reachable access to Door Buddy so they can easily unlock it and enter room. Unfortunately for the younger sibling, Door Buddy will be out of reach and when the door latch is in the locked position it will successfully block them from entering the room. So whether you need to dog proof the litter box, child proof the certain rooms in the house, or give an older sibling that personal space they need, Door Buddy is the perfect solution for you.

18 month old girl kept safely out of laundry room with Door Buddy 

How to baby proof litter box - The Door Buddy

28lb Maine Coon cat easily enters closet and exits laundry room with Door Buddy

How to keep todder out of litter box but let cats enter easily. The Door Buddy

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