How To Keep Baby Out Of The Litter Box

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How to keep baby out of litter box

If you are a cat owner with a new baby, you may be wondering “how do I keep my baby out of the cat’s litter box?” You most likely have done all of your research and know about the dangers of Toxoplasmosis during pregnancy as well as its effect on your infant or toddler. (Read more here)

Not only is the cat’s litter box a breeding ground for bacteria (even more so when your cat is allowed to go outside), but they can also carry worms which could be consumed by your baby when they slip away and get up to mischief in the litter box. Not to mention the choking hazard that the dry cat food poses.

Baby Gate Alternative - How to prop door open for cat

Therefore baby proofing your cat’s litter box and successfully keeping your new crawler out is very important. However, with so many baby proofing products on the market these days, where does one start. What works? What doesn’t work? Is it convenient for me? Is it comfortable for my cat?

Baby Gates work well and are a necessity for certain areas like stairs or rooms with no doors. However, baby gates can get very costly, some are not user friendly, and there are even cat breads that have trouble jumping over gates. Some cats may see it as to much of an obstacle especially if they are ill, injured or getting older. This could cause litter box problems and result in your cat using the carpet instead.

If you have a fussy cat that is set in his ways, then a covered litter box or a top entry litter box may not work either. Cats need the visual advantage to be able to see when there are possible intruders and so they are not likely to enter a covered litter box especially if there is a baby or dog sneaking around trying to poke their head in.

How to baby proof litter box and keep baby out of cat food

It seems one of the easiest, most cost efficient, and yet effective ways to baby proof the cat’s litter box is with a door latch. The Door Buddy is an adjustable door strap that holds the door open wide enough for your cat to easily enter but narrow enough so babies and even dogs are blocked out. Door Buddy allows your cat to go about his/her natural routine, thus preventing any unforeseen problems and allowing you to create a cat friendly environment. As well as keeping your little one safe from the dangers lurking in the kitty litter.

Door Buddy has several very unique advantages over other methods used to baby proof the litter box room. It installs in seconds and no tools are needed. Having an adjustable strap allows you to set the perfect width of the door opening to fit your specific needs (e.g. blocking baby, blocking dog, and allowing for air flow). Lastly, Door Buddy has a simple locking latch system that allows adults easy access into the room and can even be used from both sides of the door. Made proudly right here in the USA, Door Buddy comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.

Door Buddy gives you peace of mind and allows you savor those special memories with your new baby and special feline without having to worry about the cat's litter box any more. Click Here to pick out your Door Buddy today.

Door Buddy Door Strap to block baby from cat litter box



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