Benefits of Playing With Your Cat

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Cat games - benefits of playing with cats

Although it may not always seem like it, there’s nothing your cat loves more than getting some quality time in with their favorite human. Playing with your cat is the best possible way to build up a bond between the two of you while keeping your kitty healthy.

Playtime isn’t just a great way to help grow your relationship, but it’s an easy way to ensure your little pal’s mental and physical well-being. Keep on reading for the many benefits that come with playing with your cat. We will even cover our favorite cat games to get you inspired. After all, a happy cat makes for a comfortable home!

How Playing with Your Cat Makes for a Happy Home

Keeps Your Kitty Trim

While the best way to ensure that your cat does not become overweight may be by feeding them a balanced diet, exercise also plays a part in keeping your kitty healthy. It’s especially important to learn how to play with your cat if they prefer indoors. Making use of cat games is a simple way to ensure that they’re active enough by running around and staying trim in the process.

Helps Boost Their Confidence

Having a slender furbaby isn’t the only benefit that comes from learning how to playing with your cat. Engaging in regular playtime will help your cat become more confident and comfortable in their surroundings too. It’s also a great way to get your cat used for human interaction! Trust us; this will come in handy if you’re planning on introducing your cat to a new household member

Once you incorporate regular play periods and the occasional, highly recommended, cuddle session, your cat will quickly become less frightened in new situations. With the frequent human interaction, your furry friend will be less likely to shy away and retreat to his safe space. Now, all of your friends can get to love your pet just as you do! 

Improves Their Hunting Abilities

Even though the thought of finding a present from your cat in your home may scare some, your kitty needs to stay connected to their natural instincts. Hunting is not often an instinct that all cats get to explore, especially the ones who preferred to remain pampered indoors (who blames them?). However, by engaging in a little cat and mouse playtime, you will help equip your puurfect pet with some essential skills like finding food should they ever get lost.

Allows Them to Destress

It may be hard to believe, but cats get stressed too! Just as we have our frustrations and anxieties, your furbaby could be experiencing their own form of aggression. Playing will help your cat release any aggression and counteract any negative behavior caused by boredom.

Ca cuddles - benefits of playing with cats

If you’ve experienced the perils of a bored kitty (we see you scratched arms!), you may want to try these training tips while playing with your cat: 

- Discourage any scratching, biting, or attacking in play sessions

- Use praise to reward your cat for playing gently, as soon as he shows any sign he is about to use his teeth or claws - end the play session

By following these simple training techniques, you can teach your cat that aggressive cat behavior is best directed to his toys, and not you! Gone will be the days of nasty scratches!

How to Play with Your Cat

Now that we’ve covered the benefits of playing with your cat, let’s look at some fun cat games for both of you to enjoy! 

- Wind up toys are great for getting your cat some must needed exercise

- Use “fishing pole” toys to dangle feathers or bells for your cat to play with

- Lasers are fantastic for helping your cat improve their killer instincts - just make sure to keep the light on the ground and not in your kitty’s face!

- Create a scratching pad with a large cardboard box

How to play with your cat


Cats need fun in their lives, just like humans need it. Relieve the monotony of eating, snoozing, and using the litter box by putting a bit of fun in your cat games. You will have a happier, more confident, and less aggressive kitty. 


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