Why do dogs eat cat poop? The Daily Pip Asks

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The Daily Pip asks "Does your dog ever confuse the litter box with a lunch box?"

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why do dogs eat cat poop

      Does your dog ever confuse the litter box with a lunch box? Ruby unfortunately sometimes does. We have tried barricades, baby gates, and booby traps, but she always manages to find a way. Ugh. But then we discovered The Door Buddy… The Door Buddy is an adjustable door strap that allows cats in, but keeps dogs, toddlers, and babies out. Cats are free to do their business in peace while dogs and children are kept safely away. The adjustable strap is customizable (between two and six inches) to comfortably accommodate cats of all sizes from a sleek, slender panther to a full-figured tabby. Additionally, The Door Buddy is also reasonably priced, super easy to install, and available in five colors and patterns.

how to stop dog from eating cat poop

 The Door Buddy is the brain child of Shanelle and Scott Johnson. The concept originated from their own efforts to keep their two young children away from the cat food and litter box. They soon realized that The Door Buddy would also appeal to multi-pet households with both cats, dogs and even rabbits. Both Shanelle and Scott are involved in the production and promotion of the product while also raising two small children and working regular jobs. I am a big fan of The Door Buddy and it’s truly made life much easier and less stressful. I think our cats appreciate their new-found privacy. Goodnewsforpets.com also recently included The Door Buddy as part of its Hot Product Roundup!

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Dog Proofing the cat's litter box with Door Buddy Door Buddy keeps dogs out of the cats litter box