Tips for Feeding Your (Furry) Kids

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The (Furry) Kids Table: Tips for Feeding Your Pets

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These days, a cat or a dog is more than just a pet - your “fur baby” is a member of the family. However, for the sake of your family’s health and your pet’s comfort, it’s important to know there is still a right and wrong way to feed your pet. Don’t let Fluffy and Fido run the show - lay down some ground rules that keep your house clean and your mind at ease.


For Cats

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It’s tempting to let your cat eat wherever they want - after all, cats are known to hang out in all parts of the house. That does not mean you should place the food bowl wherever it suits them at the time.


Avoid the countertops.


We all know cats like to jump up on the kitchen counter, but it’s best not to encourage this behavior by placing the food bowl in this spot. After all, cats walk around in their litter boxes - do you really want their paws up in your food preparation space? We didn’t think so!

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Offer a quiet spot.


Your kitty will get stressed out if she has to eat around a bunch of chaos, so offering a quiet space that is tucked away from the mayhem is best at mealtime.


Assign separate food bowls if you have multiple cats.


Cat lovers often have more than one feline, and we can’t blame them. But don’t let your cats share a food or water bowl! Assigning separate bowls to each cat gives them a sense of security and prevents aggression at mealtime.

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Establish a feeding time.


Animals, like human beings, appreciate an element of routine. Establish a mealtime schedule for your cat and stick to it.


Do not overfeed the cat.


Keep your cat healthy and do not overfeed her; consider her age and weight to figure out the correct amount.  An alternating diet of wet and dry food is best.



For Dogs

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Do not hand out table scraps.


We know how tempting it is to give your sweet doggie a taste of something you love - but it can actually harm your pooch more than you think. While some pet experts say that the occasional human scrap is OK, it’s probably best to avoid the habit.

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Do not give out too many treats.


Doggy treats are all the rage these days; entire bakeries are devoted to spoiling your pup! But use caution when offering treats, as they can spoil meals and put extra weight on your pet.


Offer a quiet spot.


Place your dog’s water and food bowls away from small children, other pets and even the family dinner spot. A quiet place away from distractions will help your pup focus on eating slowly and digesting well.

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Don’t forget plenty of fresh water.


Dogs need a lot of fresh, clean water to drink, so fill up bowls frequently, discarding any leftover water each time.


Pick a feeding spot that is easy to clean.


Your dog probably has a tendency to make a bit of a mess when he eats, particularly if he’s a larger breed. Pick a spot that is easy to keep tidy - not carpet or nice rugs, in other words! - and place a pet-friendly mat beneath the bowls to wipe down after meals.


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