Door Buddy featured in Awesome Stuff 365

Posted on April 24 2018

40 Unique Cat Gifts For Cat Lovers And Their Feline Friends

Door Buddy - Unique Gifts for Cat LoversWe are so excited about Door Buddy's recent feature on Awesome Stuff 365 in their article about unique gifts for cat lovers here. See Door Buddy in Spot #40. :)


Awesome Stuff 365 adds Door Buddy to their Cool Pet Products Section

See full article of Door Buddy featured in Awesome Stuff 365 here

Door Buddy Dog Proof Litter Box

Door Buddy is an adjustable door strap that protects your cat’s litter box and food from trespassers – specifically toddlers and dogs.

Your dog thinks that a litter box is where yummy “brown treats” magically spawn and wait for him or her to eat.

Your toddler thinks that a litter box and cat food is his or her personal playground, ready to be dug into.

Your cat thinks that this invasion of privacy is intolerable and goes to find another place to drop those “brown treats” in.

You think this is what descent into madness probably looks like. 

Door Buddy keeps the door to the “cat’s room” open wide enough for the kitty to enter. Toddlers and dogs won’t have much luck.

This will not only give you and your cat a piece of mind but will also help you baby proof your house even further. Additionally, the lack of “brown treats” will keep your dog’s breath fresher and less gross.

Door Buddy is easy to attach to any door, can be adjusted to accommodate bigger kitties or to keep away smaller dogs. To enter the room, simply unhook the strap in one swift motion.

With this little helper, everyone in your house can finally be a bit happier and a lot cleaner.

Thank you Awesome Stuff 365 for both featured articles!  


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