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Door Buddy has held up for 80lb Boxer-Pit mix Review

Pleased that it has kept out my 80lb boxer/pit mix ~ Laura

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I was worried my 80lb boxer/pit mix would bombard through the door regardless, but am pleased that the door buddy has held up for a week so far! With that being said, I imagine it's good to go forever, as she seems to believe the litter box room (which is currently my bathroom until my cat and roommate's cat get to know each other) is inaccessible now, and my cat can go in and out with ease. She pushed down baby gates, but I'm so happy this product actually works! It's so much easier than having to deal with a baby gate AND putting heavy boxes on the other side of the door.

I also bought my roommate one for her door, where her cats and litter box are, and it's worked so great! I'm shocked and pleased with how well this keeps my dog out of kitty rooms!

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Cats can get into the bathroom but my dogs can't fit Door Buddy Review

Easy to install, and exactly what I needed. ~ April

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I wanted to put a litter box in the bathroom but the dogs would get in it... This Door Buddy is perfect!! My cats can get into the bathroom but my dogs can't fit. Genius. Love it. Took TWO seconds to put on the door!

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Keep dogs out of the cat box. Door Buddy Review

Definitely the best money I have ever spent! ~ Janet

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Excellent idea! I was looking for any means to keep my dogs out of the cat box, as if it isn't enough of a mess to deal with. I contemplated getting a kitty door but didn't want to cut a hole in my laundry room door. I also looked into alternative litter boxes that are specially made to keep dogs out but didn't want to spend a fortune on my 15 y/o cat that can't jump as easily now. Then, I ran across this product! I was sceptical about the 3M tape holding but it's done the trick for two weeks now. It has kept both of my medium sized, persistent dogs out as well as my 4 y/o. Now if I could get my teenager to remember to latch it every time she goes in there. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone looking for an easy, inexpensive solution to keeping their canines out of their felines area.

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Perfect for keeping dog and toddler out of cat's room

Perfect for keeping toddlers out of cat's room! ~ Ahava

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My toddler loves dumping cat food everywhere and having some morsels as a snack. Dog loves a different kind of snack from the room. Not from the food bowl, though - from the litter box. This strap is PERFECT. It's easily adjustable (I can adjust it with one hand while holding the babe) and keeps those two out while allowing our cat easy access - to both come and go as she pleases. Also, it allows my husband and me easy access (the room also serves as our office) unlike an under-the-door stop would.

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Door Buddy Review | Send us your best Door Buddy pic

Send Us Your Story and Pic!

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Have you been using Door Buddy and have a great pic and story to send us? If so, send to Your story could be featured here on the website!

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Brown Family don't have to use baby gates for my aging cats

A+! And it's MADE IN THE USA. ~ Brown Family

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Great product, easy to install and I don't have to use baby gates for my aging cats. I wish I would have thought of this:-) I will definitely tell my family and friends about this product. And it's MADE IN THE USA.🎉

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Door Buddy is super cute, easy to install, works

Super cute, easy to install, works! ~ Nina

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Easy to install. Chevron pattern on ribbon part is super cute. Super easy to use - just lift in and out. Ribbon part is adjustable, so you can make it as big and small as possible. Pretty strong once it sets: my cat tried to throw the door open (which she normally likes to) and it didn't budge.

Takes 24 hours before it can actually work. Not a big enough con to dock a star, just kind of sucks.

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Door Buddy is a cute and effective door latch

OMG!!! This is a fantastic product. ~ Connie

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I am very happy to replace my tattered string with this cute and effective door latch. Definitely keeps my dog out of the kitty litter (and the room where the kitty litter is).

I highly recommend this to anyone who needs to keep a dog (or even a child - just set higher than the child could reach) out of a room. Works great and is an attractive product!!!

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Keeping dogs out of the cat's litter box

Finally found a product that works ~ Lindsay

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After many attempts to keep my dogs out of the litter box, I have finally found a simple product that works! Thank you and thanks from my cat diesel who can now use the restroom stress free!

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Door Buddy one of the best things I have purchased

One of the best things I have purchased ~ Heather

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This has been one of the best things I have purchased! I love that it is so easy to install and I didn’t have to put any holes in my door or wall! Our cat doesn’t seem to have any problem going in and out of the door with the Door Buddy latched. Our dog will take any opportunity to get into the cat box, so our biggest problem initially was remembering to make sure that the Door Buddy was latched at all times!! It’s nice to no longer have cat litter trails all over the carpet! Our cat can feel safe when she uses her cat box and we are keeping our dog safe by not letting him into the cat box! Thank you so much for coming up with this ingenious product!

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Wittle Finger Pinch Guard Review

Pinch Guards are Great product for tiny tots. ~ Darcy

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I teach 4 year olds as a pre- school program in an Elementary school in Los Ángeles. While these are on the expensive side, they perform the job they were intended for: keeping tiny fingers from getting squished in fast closing doors in my classroom. Very sturdy and well made. Certainly, it would seem that 4 of these door stops for ten buckaroos appears more costly than the cutesy ones made by competitors. However, the quality of these large foam door stoppers is superior! My children's safety is important to their parents and to me, their very first teacher. I'm assured with this product that there will be no tiny fingers pinched on my watch. I would buy these again.

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Door Buddy Review - Sad Pup! Door Buddy Rocks!!

Sad Pup! Door Buddy Rocks!!
~ Amazon Customer

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We have a 40 lb dog that loved to eat the cat food and get into the kitty litter. Received our Door Buddy and our dog is now a sad pup! No longer can he push open the door. Would recommend this product for sure!!

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Door Buddy dog proofing the cats litter box

Perfect for my dog and I love this thing. ~ Ashlee

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I love this thing! It's the easiest to "install" and surprisingly durable. I am using it to keep my medium sized dog out of the litter box, so my main concern was how easily it would be for her to stick her nose/head in the small opening for the cat and nudge the door open, but surprisingly she can't! The stick on parts are rock solid and the chord in the middle reminds me of the material seat belts are made of so this thing isn't going anywhere. I am more then pleased with this door latch and I am definitely going to recommend this to everyone who may need it!

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Dog insists on getting into the cats room to eat poo and the food

Drastically exceeded expectations!!!
~ Tamara

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I rarely respond or rate products, but to sound cliché, this exceeds expectations.

Even my husband thought I was naive for buying Door Buddy.

My story: I have a massive golden retriever and a quick doxi that insists on getting into the "cats room" to eat poo and the food. I had been blocking the door with huge containers of horrible math books, but was tired of squishing my arm to get the books as close to the door and as closed as possible. As everyone knows, cats own everything. And they expect everyone to make way for them. So of course they must venture out...often. Then comes the scrambling, scrapple with the unyielding dogs, cat hisses and yowlings, and they all take off to the "cats' room."

The speed everyone is going is insane. Usually the cats swish in and the golden retriever bounds into the door, the doxi squishes in, one more head bunt and in goes the golden retriever. Containers, boxes, slammed away and all hell breaks loose.

Now, Door Buddy, no issues but the occasional hiss from the peek of the door. The dogs can push, squish, and slam into the door and the Door Buddy stays. It really stays. My husband and the dogs were shocked. The cats of course expected it to work. It had better.

Thanks for reading my attempt at humour.

Easy installation, seriously - peal place push, peal place push. 24hrs (I waited 48 as I was skeptical). Adjust the strap and TaDah!

And not to sound like an infomercial, but this product really works!

These guys made life soooo much easier!

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Door Buddy keeps dogs out of the cats litter box!

Wish I would have found this sooner. ~ Frank

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Received the Buddy Door Latch and installed on bathroom door leading to our cat's litter box. It is used to keep our Boxer-mix from the nasty habit of eating cat poo. We really love this product because of how simple, practical, and effective it is. For the price you absolutely cannot beat it!

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