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Amy Shojai on How to stop dog from eating cat poop


Oct 26, 2016  Doggy kisses are no fun after your pup has just raided your cat's litter box for a snack.

At first, to keep the dogs out, we used a combination of door stops and braces. I put a brick or other heavy object on the inside of a door to make it difficult to open. That meant every time humans left the bathroom, we had to perform an awkward combination of reaching around the door while pulling the brick toward us and simultaneously closing the door just the right amount so that a cat could fit in but a dog could not. It was not a practical or sustainable solution.

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Life With Dogs and Cats

Susan Willett | Life With Dogs & Cats

October 27, 2016  Finally, a Solution to Keeping Dogs Out of the Litter Box: The Door Buddy

Experts say you should have one more litter box than you have cats. Since we have four cats, there are five litter boxes in our home, all of which are in rooms with closable doors. The cats can chose to do their business in bathrooms or our finished basement. There’s also a box in my son Aaron’s room, where Dawn spends most of her time.

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Spencer the Goldendoodle on Door Buddy

Spencer the Goldendoodle

September 8, 2016  Attention Dog & Cat Owners

To all the cats out there, wouldn’t you love to just hang a big sign saying “No Dogs Allowed” where your litter box and food are? Is there a dog in your life that keeps waking you up during your nap time? Or is there a little human running around trying to eat your food or pull your tail? Well, I have the product for you, it’s call Door Buddy!

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TuxedoTrio favorite product from Blog paws is The Door Buddy


July 25, 2016  One of my favorite products from BlogPaws is the Door Buddy

One of my favorite products I picked up at BlogPaws is the Door Buddy, invented by Shanelle and Scott Johnson, one of the sweetest couples you will ever meet. I had the pleasure of meeting the Johnsons in person at the conference and was struck with the ingenuity and simplicity of their invention, the Door Buddy!

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Three Chatty Cats interviewing Door Buddy inventors

Three Chatty Cats

July 22, 2016  Giving Back with Door Buddy

One of the great things about attending BlogPaws is getting to know the person behind a company. When I met Shanelle Johnson last month at the conference, we happened to be sitting at the same breakfast table. We struck up a conversation, and I didn’t know at the time that I had her company’s product sitting in one of my swag bags, compliments of the Cat Writer’s Association (CWA).

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The Daily Pip Talking About Door Buddy

The Daily Pip

July 6, 2016  Because The Litter Box Is NOT A Lunch Box

Does your dog ever confuse the litter box with a lunch box? Ruby unfortunately sometimes does. We have tried barricades, baby gates, and booby traps, but she always manages to find a way. Ugh. But then we discovered The Door Buddy….

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Edie the pug loved the door buddy for keeping dogs out of the cats litter box

@Edie The Pug Blog

August 15, 2016  Don’t knock it unless you’ve tried it

In an effort to curtail my persistence of wanting to sample kitty litter treasures, my humans tired blocking the door entrance to the kitty litter room, but then the cat’s couldn’t always gain access. Then they installed a gate with a door, but since slimming down I can now easily slide thru the door in the gate! Just a note to those doggies that need to loose weight, there are so many advantages to getting trim! Then this happened – the Door Buddy.

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Good News For Pets on How to stop your dog from eating cat poop

Good News For Pets

July 1, 2016  BlogPaws Hot-Product Round-up

Goodnewsforpets was in attendance for this year’s festivities at the Sheraton Wild Horse Pass Resort in Chandler, AZ and has put together a few of our favorite products showcase at the event. One product that really jumped out was the Door Buddy which allows cats to come in and out of the room as they want, while babies and dogs cannot! The strap keeps the door open wide enough so a cat can fit through the opening but larger dogs can’t...

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PetPav review on Door Buddy

PetPav Magazine

June 15, 2016  The Perfect Solution to Keep Your Dog (or Child) Away from Your Cat’s Space!

Any pet owner who has a dog and a cat knows that (with some effort), they can become best buddies. But, the biggest struggle among our cats and dogs is to keep our dogs away from our cats’ food and litter box. And, if you have a new crawling baby or early stage toddler, there is inevitably the same problem. So, what’s a pet owner to do? Well, The Door Buddy is the perfect

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Amy Shojai on How to stop dog from eating cat poop

Amy Shojai Blog

April 21, 2016  Dogs Eating Poop? Stop Litter Box Grazing With The Door Buddy

The Door Buddy is a management tool that helps you control access to the cat’s litter box and/or food bowl–or kitty’s favorite room. Essentially, it’s a peel-and-stick low-tech and economical solution that installs in minutes. The adjustable strap allows you to determine the size of the door opening, so that your smaller cat can come and go (and eat or eliminate in peace) while preventing larger animals–including babies and toddlers!–from entering the area.

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Door Buddy is Great Alternative for dog gates with Cat Door

Ez Find For Pets

December 21, 2015  Great Alternative For Gates With Cat Door To Dog Proof The Litter Box.

Isn't it the best thing ever when you finally find something that makes your life easier and it is actually working like it is intended to? That is exactly how I feel right now. In just three months I am expecting my second child and I just got sick and tired of the pain of using a pet gate to keep our dog out of the cat litter. Our dog loves cat feces. I know, Eww!

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How to keep the dog out of the litter box - Door Buddy Review

My Dog Ate My Money Blog

How to Keep the Dog out of the Litter Box

Tired of your dog eating cat poop out of the litter box? Here are some solutions for how to keep the dog out of the litter box. This isn't something you can easily train a dog to stop doing since he gets rewarded every time he gets into the kitty box with a tasty treat. Instead, you need to set up the box so your dog can't get into it, but your cat can.

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