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Door Buddy® Baby Plus Pinch Guard

3061 reviews

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Looking for a simpler way to hold a door open for cat without giving baby access? Our Door Buddy door lock with finger pinch guard is the perfect solution! 

"Obsessed! Wish I found this sooner! It works like a charm and is less expensive by far than baby gates. My favorite baby proofing product by far." - Sommer, Customer

Forget the hassle of child gates with cat door or complicated child proof door locks. Door Buddy is simple, convenient, and effective at keeping little ones out of trouble while giving your cat some much needed space.

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Your baby has finally reached that crawling milestone! The world is their oyster and exploring your home is the main mission of the day. Although it may be an exciting time, their curiosity could take them to places and rooms where they can get into trouble. This is especially true if you have an indoor cat and you need to keep your baby (and even your dog) out of the cat food and litter box. Let's keep your little ones safe and your cats sane with the help of Door Buddy.

Our Story:

We were in the exact same situation when our daughter started crawling. She was constantly navigating to the laundry room with the cat food and litter box. We considered a cat door but did not want to cut a hole in our door. We tried a baby gate but it was so cumbersome to use. Plus, our cat simply refused to jump over it. One thing led to another and out of necessity, Door Buddy was born.


With the Door Buddy adjustable cat door strap installed, your door can open just WIDE enough for your cat to enter or exit rooms effortlessly.

At the same time, the door is kept NARROW enough so babies (and even dogs) cannot get in.

This way, you can keep your little one out of the cat food and litter box without breaking your back or the bank.

No baby gate to climb over. No time consuming cat door installation. No more messes to clean up. No more stress!


Because it’s...
Simple. Convenient. Effective.

  • Installs in seconds with no tools needed
  • Secures to various door types with strong 3M adhesive
  • Adjustable from 2” to 6" to fit your cat but block baby
  • Easy to lock and unlock with one hand from either side of door






Where should I use Door Buddy?

Any interior room with a door!

The most popular places to use our door strap includes the laundry room, bathroom, bedroom, closet, cat's favorite hangout room, or any room that you want to isolate from access by dogs, babies, toddlers, and in some cases even cats.

We recommended installing Door Buddy at least 10" above the door knob or lever or high enough so that Door Buddy is well out of reach for children and dogs.

Always remember when it comes to child and pet safety, a product should never be used to replace adult supervision. Similarly, Door Buddy is intended to be a deterrent only and was not designed to replace proper adult supervision.

Will it work for my door?

Yes! Door Buddy works perfectly on left and right swinging doors, doors that push or pull open, pocket doors, double doors, and bi-fold doors.

You can even install on the back of the door for greater strength and resistance to pressure.

For more information on our installation process, it's best to visit our INSTALLATION GUIDE. Here you will find our tips an tricks to ensure that your Door Buddy is fully optimized for your home.

I have a toddler, will it work for me?

It depends on what stage you consider as a toddler. It is usually best to start using Door Buddy early when your baby just starts crawling. Then, when they reach the toddler stage they will know that room is "off-limits" already. If you start using Door Buddy when your little one is older than 2 years old then there is a chance that they will be able to push hard enough for the adhesives to come off.

However, please review the INSTALLATION GUIDE provided for alternative methods of installation for greater strength and resistance to pressure.

Just remember that Door Buddy is intended to be a deterrent only and is meant to make your and your cat's life easier. Like any baby-proofing product, it is NOT a substitute for proper adult supervision.

Who is Door Buddy best for?

It is perfect for parents and pet owners who need to block off a particular room from access to baby and don't want to deal with the hassle of an expensive baby gate or complicated door knob covers. It's also a great solution for those who are not ready to cut a permanent hole in their door to install a cat door.

What else can I use Door Buddy for?

We're not just a simple door strap! Door Buddy has numerous additional uses and benefits:

  • Keeps the door ajar allowing for proper airflow which will help regulate the temperature between rooms which may result in decreased heating and cooling costs.
  • Promotes proper ventilation and helps regulate the air quality and thus reduce mold and mildew buildup by keeping moist rooms slightly open. Increased airflow will also ensure that the air in isolated rooms will not become stuffy and stale.
  • Provides an easier and more convenient alternative to baby gates and pet gates to isolate certain rooms.  
  • Acts as a great alternative to door knob covers and door handle locks when your toddler learns how to open doors.
  • Gives older siblings their space and privacy in their rooms. All you have to do is make sure that your Door Buddy is installed high enough to be out of reach for younger siblings, but low enough so older siblings can easily operate the latch.
  • Operates with ease and doesn't prevent your door from functioning normally when unlatched. You can also operate Door Buddy with one hand from inside or outside the room.

How wide should I set my Door Buddy?

It all depends on your needs. The adjustable strap makes it very customizable to either block or accommodate your furry friends based on its set opening width (between 2 and 6 inches).

  • Widest width (approximately 6 in) - blocks large dogs and bigger toddlers from entering the room while allowing smaller animals to enter as they want.
  • Medium width (approximately 4 in) - also blocks medium sized dogs and babies from entering the room while allowing cats to enter as they want.
  • Narrowest width (approximately 2 in) - also blocks most cats and small dogs from entering the room.

What is the Door Pinch Guard for?

The Finger Pinch Guard stops the door from closing to prevent pinched fingers and pets from getting locked in rooms. Say goodbye to doors slamming shut!

What is the best way to use the Door Pinch Guard?

The Door Stopper can be adjusted on top of the door to match the gap set by the strap to increase stability and minimize the movement of the door while keeping your door open.

How do I remove Door Buddy?

To prepare for the removal, heat the adhesive with a hair dryer for several minutes to soften the glue. You can then use your hand and twist the plastic part clockwise or counterclockwise so that the plastic part separates itself from the adhesive that is still attached to the actual surface. Once the plastic is separated from the adhesive, you simply take your fingertip and roll the adhesive into a ball and remove it from the surface.

Alternatively, after heating the adhesive you can use fishing line or dental floss and slide it side to side between the adhesive and the door/door frame surface. This works really well and usually removes our product without any damage.


1. Remove paper backing from parts

2. Stick parts onto door and door frame

3. Insert hook into latch to lock

4. Adjust strap to desired length


Installation may be simple, but taking a few extra minutes to plan will set your Door Buddy up for success.


  • Clean surface and let it dry before installing.
  • Plan ahead. Where you mount each piece will affect minimum and maximum width of door opening.
  • Install on door and door frame only.
  • Let adhesive cure for at least 24 - 72 hours for max strength.
  • For best success, install on the back of door. This will place the least amount of pressure on the adhesives.
  • Do NOT install on wall or wallpaper. If that is your only option, stick 3M paint protection film on wall first and install Door Buddy on top of the film.
  • If paint is older or just to give door and door frame surface a chance for better adhesion, stick 3M paint protection film first and then install Door Buddy on top of the film.


1. Basic

Works great for newly crawling babies, well-mannered and non-persistent dogs. Pushing on door will exert most pressure on adhesives.

2. Back of Door - Front of Door Frame

Works great with early stage toddlers, more persistent and larger dogs. The adhesives are able to withstand more pressure.

3. Back of Door - Inside of Door Frame

The strongest method of installation. The adhesives can withstand the most pressure when installed this method. However, it is also the least adjustable so make sure your cat will fit through before placing adhesives.

4. Door Buddy with Door Stopper

Pair Door Buddy with the Door Stopper to protect fingers and tails. It also prevents the door from closing & leaving your cat locked in a room. With door stopper on top of of door move it closer or further away from the hinge to control the width that door is propped open.


Pocket Door

Double Door

Bi-fold Door


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Brittany S.
United States United States

Cats: 1 Dogs: 0

My cat and I are in love with the Door Buddy! This product allows Amelia to go in and out of the laundry room as she pleases, without my puppy being all up in her business. In the past, I tried using a baby gate to keep Maverick out, but Amelia would not jump over it to save her life. Now, with the Door Buddy, all of my problems are solved! I do not have to worry about Maverick getting into her litter box. It is easy to install and is sturdy enough to keep dogs out (even when they push on the door).

Door Buddy Door Buddy® Dog Plus Door Stopper ReviewDoor Buddy Door Buddy® Dog Plus Door Stopper ReviewDoor Buddy Door Buddy® Dog Plus Door Stopper Review
Meaghan C.
United States United States

Cats are breathing a sigh a relief!

We have 2 cats and while one is quite tolerable, the other is very skittish especially around our big 6-month old puppy. She was becoming very stressed. The Door Buddy has changed the whole house dynamic! Our cats are less stressed knowing there is a room they can escape to that the dogs can’t enter. It’s so easy to install, durable and can stand up to our 70lb “baby”. Highly recommended to give your the cat space they need to be a cat!

United States United States

Perfect Solution!

We're so happy with the Door Buddy! We use it to keep our dog out of our cat's room. It's ideal for us, being in a rental apartment. We used a baby gate before which was such a hassle to move around. This was so quick and easy to install! I can't believe I didn't know this exists. I've been telling so many people about the Door Buddy already!

Courtney C.
United States United States

A lifesaver!

We were so thrilled to find out that a product like Door Buddy exists! We have 4 cats of our own and also foster up to 6 cats at a time, and one of our silly cats enjoys closing doors. We have come home multiple times to find that Lily has closed the bedroom door, trapping all the cats away from their food and litter box until we return home. The door buddy makes sure that our door doesn’t completely close- so that everyone is free to go in and out! Such a lifesaver!

Door Buddy Door Buddy® Dog Plus Door Stopper ReviewDoor Buddy Door Buddy® Dog Plus Door Stopper Review
United States United States

Perfect for keeping our curious puppies

We received the door buddy right when I got a new puppy. The door buddy system is perfect for allowing my cat to have her space away from the puppy, and keeps the litter box away from wandering noses... it was super easy to set up, is really easy to use, and isn’t a hassle like setting up baby gates. Best of all, it’s super inconspicuous, so your house isn’t cluttered up with gates and things but you can still limit access of rooms for different animals. We absolutely love our door buddy and highly recommend it!

Door Buddy Door Buddy® Dog Plus Door Stopper Review