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Door Buddy® Dog: Grey Chevron

Door Buddy® Dog: Grey Chevron
How to Dog Proof Litter Box. Door Buddy Grey Chevron Door Lock.
Best top entry litter box alternative to keep dogs out
Stop dog from eating cat poop with Door Buddy
Door Buddy Baby Proof Door Lock and Adjustable Strap

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Need a better solution to dog proof the litter box and cat food? Before taking drastic measures and cutting a hole in your door to install a cat door or deal with the hassle of a pet gate, try Door Buddy first! Our customers love it and so will you. Door Buddy makes life so much simpler! 

What is it exactly? Door Buddy® is an adjustable door strap that allows the door to open just wide enough so cats can easily enter a room while keeping the door open narrow enough so your dog (if just slightly larger than your cat off course) cannot get in.   

  • Easy Installation- installs in seconds with no tools needed.
  • 3M VHB Adhesive Tape- for a secure hold to any type door.
  • Adjustable- set the perfect width to fit your needs.
  • Lock/Unlock Latch- easy and convenient adult access.

Click here to view the INSTALLATION GUIDE to see how Door Buddy will work for your doors.  

Don't struggle any more.  Choose the easier way to dog proof the litter box. Or just give your cat a safe space to eat or a place to go relax without getting chased down or bugged by your dog. Click the Add to Cart button above to finally get some relief for you and your cat.

Why You Will Love Your Door Buddy

Door Buddy makes adult access to isolated room easy and convenient.


Easy installation without any tools needed. Simple one handed operation from either side of the door for quick and convenient access. 

Door Buddy replaces the need for cumbersome pet and baby gates to isolate certain rooms.


Why struggle with complicated products like baby and pet gates, covered litter boxes, and door knob covers when there is an easier way? 

Door Buddy gives cats easy access to their needed supplies


Gives cats easy access to their needed supplies and makes their favorite hangout room baby and dog free. 


Where to use?

Any room that needs to be
baby or dog proofed.

Great for Protecting
  • Perfect to use on Bedrooms


  • works on closet doors


  • Works for protecting Laundry Room


  • Door Buddy is ideal for Bathroom


Variety of uses
  • Door Buddy Blocks Babies from Cats room


  • Door Buddy allows cats easy access to food and litter box


  • Door Buddy blocks dogs eating cat litter


  • Door Buddy allows for airflow and ventilation between rooms


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