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The Story on Dogs Eating Cat Poop

Posted on December 20 2018

NOT Your Idea of a Scooby Snack



There are certain things that animals do that we, as humans, just can’t get away with - nor would we want to! If you’re a dog owner, you’ve probably seen your pooch eat a few ...questionable items that you’d rather not think about. And, if you own both cats and dogs, one of those gross-out moments might have been seeing your dog munch on your cat’s poop.  Not the most appetizing thing to think about, especially when your dog wants to “kiss” you right after engaging in such behavior! No thanks!


Here’s a little more about this yucky situation that most pet owners face - and how to prevent it.



Why do dogs do it?


So why on earth would a dog do something as nasty as eat poop? According to the American Kennel Club, the simple explanation for this is that dogs are scavengers - they are not too proud to eat garbage, poop, a decomposing animal or any number of things that we humans would find utterly disgusting. When it comes to eating cat poop, experts explain that the poop actually carries the aroma of the cat food very recently digested by your furry feline. Thus, a dog is attracted to its scent and views it as a potential snack.



Is it harmful to dogs?


Now that you know that otherwise esteemed doggo thinks cat poop makes a suitable snack - blech! - you’re likely wondering if it’s bad for your dog to ingest. Could it make him sick? According to the American Kennel Club, cat poop could possibly hurt your pup in the event that the cat poop is carrying some sort of parasite or harmful bacteria. Some of these bacteria or parasites can be transferred, and the cat may not even exhibit signs of illness. Furthermore, litter can be harmful if it clumps inside of your pet’s stomach.



Is it harmful to your cat?


Does it bother your cat to have the family dog eat her poop? You bet! Your cat thrives on privacy and a sense of peace and security wherever her litter box is placed. Having the dog come and go at any time he pleases will frustrate your cat and likely prevent a harmonious environment among the pets within your household.



A simple way to prevent this from happening.


Now that you know eating cat poop can potentially harm your dog’s health - and keep your cat from feeling happy and secure in your home - what can you do about this gross fact of pet life to keep it from occurring? Door Buddy is a practical solution. By using Door Buddy on the door leading to your cat’s litter box, your dog will no longer be able to get into the room, but your cat will still be able to access her own private area. Door Buddies are affordable, simple to use and make a great gift for any loving pet owner. Try one, and you’re guaranteed to have happier dogs and cats in no time flat!




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