How to Prevent Your Little Explorer From Eating Cat Food

cover image - keep baby out of cat food
How to keep baby out of cat food

Most toddlers love to explore! They will get into anything and everything throughout your home if left unattended even if just for a second. It seems like they are especially attracted to those things that you want them to stay out of. 

What happens if your toddler is exploring around the house and finds his/her way to the cat food? Hopefully this will never happen but it is always better to be safe rather than sorry.

To easily prevent your toddler from eating cat food or any other similar incident simply move the cat food and cat litter box to a designated room (like a laundry room or bathroom) and then install Door Buddy (

Door Buddy is an adjustable strap with easy to use lock/unlock door latch that mounts onto door and door frame to securely prop the door in a slightly open position. Door Buddy keeps the door open wide enough so your cat can go in and out of the room as they want, but narrow enough so your baby and toddler cannot.

The reality is toddlers somehow seem to find every little thing in your house, no matter where you put it. Luckily, Door Buddy makes it easy to prevent toddlers from finding and getting into the cat food, water bowl, litter box or any other unwanted room.


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