The Door Buddy Achieves Amazon's #1 New Release Status

Door Buddy on Amazon - Cover Image

Wittle LLC today announced that they have received recognition from Amazon during their first ever product release. The coveted Amazon #1 new release badge was bestowed on their product Door Buddy for dogs within the first 48 hours of its launch.

Door Buddy Dog Proof Litter Box - Amazon #1 New Release

Wittle LLC's recent launch of their flagship product Door Buddy received the Amazon #1 release status in not only Amazon's Dog Doors category, but also the Cat Doors category. The listing went live on October 28, 2015 and within 48 hours Amazon recognized Door Buddy for dogs with its top new release distinction. The status can be prominently seen on the listing in the form of an orange banner with the words "#1 New Release".

The introduction of Door Buddy - tabbed by co-founder Shanelle Johnson as the "easier way to dog proof the cat litter box" - gave customers the ability to purchase a product that is "affordable, convenient and easy to use". Jenny, one of the many satisfied customers commented: "My dog is obsessed with cat poop. I could not keep him out of the litter box.

Door Buddy is great because it keeps him out of the bathroom with the litter box so he can't satisfy his cravings." Door Buddy is a unique door latch designed to keep dogs (if slightly larger than cat) from entering the room with the cat litter box. Door Buddy will benefit pet owners by giving them a better way to dog proof the litter box without having to deal with the inconvenience of using a pet gate. The key feature of Door Buddy that isn’t found in any other competing door lock is the adjustability feature. With the adjustable strap the width of the door opening can be customized therefore allowing cats of all sizes to come through the door while keeping anyone or anything remotely larger outside.

Door Buddy - How to keep dog out of litter box. Amazon #1 New Release

"We are very pleased with the result of our first ever product release", says Johnson, who is also the inventor of Door Buddy. "The #1 New Release badge for the dog version is amazing, but we are just as excited about the similar momentum that we have gained with the baby version which is used to keep babies and toddlers out of unwanted rooms"

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