The Door Buddy: A Brand New Product for Dog Proofing the Cat Litter Box

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Wittle LLC Launches Door Buddy to Dog Proof Litter Box

Door Buddy is the simpler way to stop dogs from eating cat poop out of the litter box. 


October 15, 2015: Wittle LLC is happy to announce the launch of “Door Buddy” for dogs, an adjustable door strap that is used to dog proof the litter box by keeping the door open wide enough for cats to wander in and out, but narrow enough so dogs (if slightly larger than cat) cannot. Door Buddy can be exclusively purchased online from and Amazon].

Pet owners with both dogs and indoor cats will understand this predicament and will agree that this behavior in their dog is hard to get rid of. Dogs seem to be attracted to kitty poo like children are attracted to candy. Breaking this habit in your dog can be near impossible. Besides the obvious gross factor, dogs could become very ill from eating cat feces or clumping cat litter. This is where Door Buddy can help.

Door Buddy is a unique door latch that can be installed on any interior door. It is designed to keep dogs (if slightly larger than cat) from entering the room with the cat litter box. Door Buddy will benefit pet owners by giving them a better way to dog proof the litter box without having to deal with the inconvenience of using a pet gate. Installation takes just seconds and operating the door latch is as easy as inserting and removing the hook which can be done with one hand and from either side of the door. The key feature of Door Buddy that isn’t found in any other competing door lock is the adjustability feature. With the adjustable strap the width of the door opening can be customized therefore allowing cats of all sizes to come through the door while keeping anyone or anything remotely larger outside. 

Dog blocked from entering room and eating cat litter
“Door Buddy is perfect for pet owners who are tired of fighting the pet gate or covered litter box every time they have to do laundry, go into the bathroom, or enter the closet to change the cat’s food, water or litter box” said Shanelle Johnson. “It is just a simple, safe, and cost effective solution to a common problem. You are probably not going to be able to cure your dog's addiction, but you can definitely help by preventing him from satisfying his urge to eat cat poop."

Door Buddy was initially created by mom, Shanelle Johnson, when her 9 month old daughter became curious about exploring the house and ended up in the cat food and almost in the cat litter box. Knowing that pet owners with both dogs and cats faced the same challenge, Shanelle Johnson created Door Buddy as a way to ensure that babies and dogs stay of rooms where they can get into trouble while letting cats go wherever they please.

About Wittle LLC

Wittle LLC is a family owned company that produces simple products that make the lives of parents and pet owners easier. The about us page on their website discusses what they are about and the products they offer.