How to Make Your AirBnb Pet Friendly

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Having a pet-friendly Airbnb is like providing those traveling with pets a needle in a haystack. The truth is that these places are hard to find! Yet, they are well sought after for those who wish to experience new places with their furry friends. 

Choosing to make your accommodation furbaby friendly is a big decision. Thankfully, pet-friendly Airbnbs are very popular, according to TripAdvisor. Welcoming guests with their furry friends can be a win for you and your bookings! 

So, if you’re wondering about how to make your Airbnb pet-friendly, follow our lead! You will have a pet-friendly home in no time! These tips can easily be applied to make sure that your home is pawesomely safe for your pets during isolation too. 

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How to Make Your Airbnb Pet-Friendly: 

First and foremost, remember that some rooms need to remain off-limits to pets. Guests with pets will want to be assured that their furry friends are safe, while guests without pets will want to be assured of their private space. Either way, running an accommodation rental space means that safety is essential! 

With that in mind, it is not only possible to make your Airbnb pet-friendly, but also gain many new guests who are seeking pet-friendly listings.

Place Firm Rules for Those Traveling with Pets: 

When creating a short-term holiday rental, rules, and guidelines are the norm. For a pet-friendly listing, this is no different. If anything, when pets come into the mix, these rules are more necessary than ever! Providing friendly but firm pet rules is a must. 

Being clear about areas that are out of bounds or expectations of your guests will make your and your visitors’ lives easier. Adding these additional guidelines to your listing can help ensure that your property is well-maintained. It will also give guests the freedom to enjoy the safety of their boundaries. 

Some ideas that you can include in your rule book are: 

- Guests are to pick up after their pets

- Keep pets on a leash around the neighborhood

- Report any damaged furniture

- Keep barking to a minimum after a specific hour

- No pets in the main house

Pet Proof the Area

Creating a pet-friendly home isn’t as easy as only changing your listing. To make your space appealing for those traveling with pets, consider the safety of your entire listing. 

If you have pets yourself, it’s best to put up a boundary from your main house and your guest accommodation. Even if your own pets aren’t a threat, you never know how the new animals may react or how your furry friends may feel with new buddies on their turf. Especially your friendly doggo!

How to make your Airbnb Pet Friendly - Pet proofing

You can further pet-proof your Airbnb by keeping food or any items that pets are likely to chew at the human eye-level and beyond their reach. Any precious decor or furniture that can be damaged at the wag of a tail should be cleared away. 

One of the easiest ways to avoid any household hazards in your listing is to fit an adjustable door strap. Not only will this be an easy way to create boundaries, but it’s also instrumental in keeping any chewable objects out of harm’s way. If you haven’t yet, check out our product, Door Buddy, to see how we can help you with your pet proofing needs. 

Choose Pet-Friendly Furniture and Finishes

Another crucial aspect of understanding how to make your Airbnb pet-friendly is to look at your furniture and decor. Un-fur-tunately, having pets in the home does pose the risk of getting hair in places and scratches on floors. Luckily, severe damage can be avoided! 

You may want to consider swapping out your purrrfect decor for fur-endly pieces. For example, your blinds could act as a wonderful toy for a playful cat, or your furniture may look like a beautiful dog bed. These are items that we recommend looking at swapping out for curtains and investing in furniture covers. 

You can even go a step further and look at investing in pet-friendly flooring too. This will help ensure the longevity of your property. Try opting for scratch or stain-resistant flooring, and bright, colorful rugs where possible.

Stock Up on Pet Supplies

If you’re looking to secure that 5-star rating, be sure to have a good stock of pet-friendly supplies on hand. Your guests will appreciate the extra effort and love knowing that they won’t have to bring their whole home with them! Having items such as feeding bowls, treats, and even pet beds can go a long way. 

Our main point of advice here, however, is to make sure the pet supplies you buy are hypoallergenic. The last thing you’d want is to upset your guests by making their furbaby sick! 

Protect Your Own Pets

Last but not least, you have to ensure that your own pets are safe. Even though there’s a big focus on keeping guests happy, our pets should be our number one priority regardless. 

If you are a pet owner, ensure your own pets are well-trained and socialized before listing a pet-friendly Airbnb. This will not only make it a safe environment for all, but it will dramatically reduce your stress levels when you have guests. You can also ask for a similar assurance from your guests up-front.

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Preparing your accommodation for guests traveling with pets can make a massive difference to your Airbnb listing. As you can see, figuring out how to make your Airbnb pet-friendly doesn’t have to shake up your whole listing! With a few minor tweaks, your space can quickly become a pet-friendly home to welcome the patter of friendly paws.


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