Parenting in Quarantine: A Survival Guide

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Parenting on a typical day is tough as it is. Throw in social distancing and a worldwide quarantine, and you've got yourself a doozy! Let's not even mention what a full home is doing to your cat's sanity. 

If parenting through COVID-19 has got you growing gray hairs, then this article is for you. Take it from parents like ourselves who are juggling working from home, teaching our little ones, and making sure our cat stays sane, these tips will come in handy! Here you will find activities, recipes, and productivity tips to see you through the pandemic. 

Before getting started, it's important to point out that no matter what you're doing to keep your kids and pets entertained, you're doing a good job! Like we said, parenting is hard, but with the added pressures of homeschooling and working, it's just become a little bit harder. So, fur or hooman parent, give yourself a pat on the back! You're doing a great job. 

Fun Activities to Do with Your Kids During the Coronavirus Outbreak 

Where would we all be without the likes of Pinterest? Thank goodness for the simple DIYs and fun activities out there for our kids to do. However, with that being said, how do you know which ones are worth trying and which are worth tossing? 

Here's the good news: we've tried and tested them for you! Below, you will find our top picks for your little ones to enjoy. These activities are suitable for your littlest love to your eldest. Even us parents can find joy in going back to basics and getting in touch with our inner child! 

Moon Dough

Sensory play is essential for our toddlers and younger kids. It helps stimulate their minds and keeps them occupied while you get the opportunity to get some work done. Making your own playdough is a fun and affordable way to get your child involved from the beginning to end. It's also purrrfect for families that have any allergies or sensitivities.

Moon dough recipe

What we love most about this activity is that it's incredibly easy to make. Not to mention the fact that your kids will love playing with the colors and creating fun shapes. 

To make this silky dough, here's what you'll need:

- 1 cup hair conditioner

- 2-3 cups corn starch

- Food coloring (optional but highly recommended)

The great thing about this ingredient list is that most homes will have them - no going out necessary! Put the conditioner in a bowl with 2 cups of cornstarch, and mix until well combined. You may find that it's still sticky. If so, try adding a little more cornstarch at a time until you get the play dough to a consistency you like.

Yogurt Paint

This activity works wonders for kids under 2! It's an excellent way for your kids to refine their motor skills, boost their creativity, and experiment with paint. It's non-toxic too!

Arguably, one of the best kids' activities is finger painting. However, due to the mess and harmful substances, this is often reserved for older kids. Until now!

Help bring out your tot's inner Picasso with this easy to do paint recipe. If you're worried about the potential mess, take comfort in knowing that it's all safely contained in a plastic bag. No extra cleaning needed here!

What you'll need:

- Plain yogurt

- Food coloring

- Paper

- Ziplock bag

Again, these ingredients are household staples, so staying home shouldn't be a problem here. To make your paint, mix together the yogurt and food coloring on plates or bowls. Next, take your paper and insert it into the ziplock bag. When your colors are mixed, add a few blobs to the page and seal the ziplock bag. With the paint being contained, your little one can squish and spread the paint into a beautiful masterpiece! 

Tummy time painting


Rainbow Bubble Snakes

Who doesn't love a little bubble fun? With the weather warming up, these rainbow bubble snakes are bound to be a hit. All you need for this one is an empty water bottle, duct tape, a sock that's missing its mate (which, let's be honest, we all have), dish soap, and food coloring of your choice. 

If you're doing this activity with smaller kids, be sure to supervise as it can get messy, and scissors are involved.

To make your bubble snake, start by cutting the bottom of the water bottle off. Then, take the sock and slide it over the bottom of the bottle. Use the duct tape to secure it in its place.

Rainbow Bubble Snake


Now, here comes the messy part. Pour the dish soap into a container with a bit of water and mix. Take your sock-covered bottle and dip it into the solution and gently blow. If you want to achieve the full rainbow effect, add the food coloring to the bottom of the sock where the bubbles come out. 

Bake Your Purrrfect Pet Some Treats

Baking seems to be the number one activity to do during quarantine, but who's to say that your pet can't benefit from the fun too? Show your pooch or kitty some love by baking them a fresh batch of biscuits. You can find our list of fun and easy to make recipes here

homemade pet treats

Staying Productive When Working From Home

With the fun stuff out of the way, us parents have also got to knuckle down and get to work. This isn't always easy when you have kids running around and pets wreaking havoc. So, what can you do to find some calm amongst the chaos

Create a Routine

Structure and schedules are essential during these timeless days. Without it, you may be waking up, and in a blink of an eye, you're getting ready for bed, wondering where the day has gone. Don't let this be the case and let life's stresses creep up on you! 

Routine is a great way to maintain the crazy for yourself and your household. Setting aside times and activities will help structure your day and open up some time for you to achieve your own to-do list. However, it's important to remember that a routine is there to provide structure. Still, it's purrrfectly okay if things don't go accordingly to plan. You can only do what you're capable of! 

Take Time for Yourself

There's an old saying that reminds parents to fill up their own cup. This means that parents should take time to rejuvenate and fill up their soul cup. When we run on empty, not only are we more high strung, but we're more likely to completely break down. 

During quarantine, this is more important than ever. We can quickly seep into cabin fever and let the craziness of staying home get to us. However, when we take 5-10 minutes to focus on our personal needs and wants, it can make a world of difference. 

Set Up Boundaries

If you're working from home, boundaries are your key to productivity. Creating a space in your house that's dedicated to working will help you feel the comfort of your regular office environment. 

Sounds nice, doesn't it? But, what do you do about that nosy toddler or playful pup? Installing a Door Buddy is a quick and effective way to give you back your space. Not only are our door latches made for keeping the dog out of the litter box, but they can be used in rooms you don't want any pooches or babies entering. Say hello to your new oasis! 

Door Buddy Dog Proof Door Latch

So, there you have it! Our survival guide for parenting in quarantine will see you through these tough times and make staying home a little more pleasant. Let's all do our part and make sure we're creating healthy habits now for a better future! 


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