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Written By: Aurora James

Are you a pet owner that wants the absolute best for your furry family member? You can give your pawsome pal a luxurious life by showering them with love and attention, but don’t stop there. Here’s how to treat your four-legged family member to a life full of rich experiences.

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Luxury Pet Ideas for Your Pawfect Pooch: 

Food Fit for Royalty

Indulging your pet with treats for a job well done might make them happy, and MJ’s Pet Training Academy points out that it’s a great way to reinforce appropriate behavior. However, you need to make sure your pet is eating food fit for royalty, and that their food and treats are healthy.

Find or make dog treats that are good for your pet, can strengthen their teeth, or even take care of bad breath. Everything your dog eats should be rich in nutrients and include the vitamins and minerals necessary to be healthy. You’d never eat all your meals out of a can, so consider making your pet homemade meals with ingredients like ground chicken, carrots, rice, and even peanut butter.

Comfort is Key with the Best Day Bed

Your pet may snuggle up with you during the night, but where do they lounge during the day? Every dog needs a great day bed where they can relax while keeping an eye on everything happening in the house. Finding them a luxurious bed that will give them the comfort they deserve comes highly recommended!

When buying a daybed for your pooch, research top-rated products, and make sure you’re buying a style that fits your dog’s body type. Small dogs may need a heated or self-warming bed to keep warm, and an older or larger dog may benefit from an orthopedic bed that will give them the ultimate comfort and pain relief.

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Give Your Pet a Spa Day

Some pets hate getting baths, but your dog will love an indulgent spa day, whether at home or at a doggy salon. At a dog spa, your pet can lounge while listening to relaxing music, get a warm bath, have a massage, visit a groomer, and even get their teeth cleaned while wrapped in a thermal towel.

At home, you can use bath day as bonding time, and your pooch will love all the attention as you shampoo their coat and dry them with a soft towel, then round things out with a gentle DIY-massage. Not only is it a chance for bonding, but it’s also your chance to check for any parasites or unusual lumps or bumps to ask the vet about.

Don’t rule out having the groomer come to you, either. There are mobile professionals that bring their equipment to your home, you just supply the pooch!

Travel in Style with Your Pet

If you have a road trip planned, make sure your pet will have as much fun as you do. Cesar’s Way says to plan ahead with a trip to the vet, find a comfortable crate for Fido to travel in, and get a soft pad so they can relax on the road. Be sure you have frequent rest stops so your pooch can stretch their legs and let them roll around in the grass before getting back in the car.

Opt for a Pet Hotel

If you’re going on a short holiday and can’t take your pet, finding a pet hotel will give them all the comfort they desire, and they’ll enjoy a couple of days away from home. Make sure the pet hotel has comfortable suites with great pet beds, or find a hotel that has staff to keep your pooch company during the day. Some hotels offer personal trainers for your pet, indoor treadmills for exercise, and playrooms where they can explore and socialize with other guests.

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Does your dog deserve the very best? Give your pet the royal treatment and pamper them with the best life has to offer. From food to beds to spa days, and the ultimate in travel comfort, your four-legged family member will love you even more, and you can give them the luxurious life they deserve.

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