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5 Reasons to Gift a Door Buddy This Holiday Season

Posted on November 20 2018

Making a List and Checking it Twice?

Five Reasons a Door Buddy Makes a Great Holiday Gift


It’s the holiday season again, and while some say this is the most wonderful time of year, others stress about their long gift lists, wondering what to buy for that tough friend who has everything, or that relative isn’t great at faking enthusiasm after you strike out yet again. Fortunately, we have good news and a practical solution for this year’s gift! A Door Buddy will make everyone smile this season. Here are five reasons everyone will love seeing Door Buddies under the tree.


1. Everyone has pets.


We know your friends have pets - and we know your friends’ FRIENDS have pets. The point is,  we all know someone who can benefit from a Door Buddy. Cats and dogs are family members nowadays - not just animals hanging out in the yard - and a Door Buddy helps make life with pets inside the house more harmonious than ever.


2. No regifting or shoving in a car trunk or closet!


Have you ever noticed how that scarf you bought your best friend never once appeared around her neck, even though it was the coldest year on record? There’s no accounting for people’s tastes, so why try to figure it out? Instead, buy a Door Buddy and put your money toward a practical gift that will not end up shoved in a closet or trunk because it “just isn’t them.”


3. You won’t break the bank with this gift.


Ever flipped through your favorite magazine’s “gift guide” and felt downright discouraged by that artisan thank you note set that costs $500?! Us too. For a gift that won’t leave you eating noodles and peanut butter in January - and will still make everyone happy - try a Door Buddy. You can order one online for less than twenty bucks!


4. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.


Some gifts eventually run out, like those fancy chocolates that we ate all in one sitting or the decadent candle that quickly burned down to nothing. Not Door Buddy! It’s the gift that your friends will enjoy over and over, long after many other gifts are used up.


5. Even your pet will feel the love.


Here is a little something special about giving Door Buddy as a gift that not many other gifts can compete with: your friend’s household pet will reap the benefit of this gift  just as much as your friend will! After all, a Door Buddy keeps cats and dogs at peace, separating food, litter and other personal areas so that pets can live in blissful harmony all year round. Talk about a win-win for both owners and their four legged children!


Not sure what Door Buddy is? Learn more here!


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