Christmas Gifts for Dog Lovers & Their Dogs

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If you have dog lovers in your family, it’s time to think of some unique gifts you can give them this Christmas. They will remember this gift for a long time if you not only provide them with a present for themselves but include something for their dog or puppy too. After all, who doesn’t enjoy sharing the love with their favorite furry friends? 

To get your ideas flowing, here are some gifts you can get for the dog lover. If you really want to go the extra mile, we highly recommend taking some pictures of their dog in advance. This will come in handy if you’re looking to personalize the gifts for their dog. 

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Our Christmas Guide for Dog Lover Gifts


A Slogan T-shirt/Sweatshirt

What’s a better way to show your love for your pets than wearing it on your sleeve?  Shirts that read “Proud Dog Owner” or “I Love My Dog” is a cute way to treat your dog-loving friend or family member, and they’ll be proud to wear it too.

A Framed Picture of Their Dog 

Is there anything better than getting a gift that you know someone put their heart and soul into? Putting in that extra effort to frame a picture of their furry friend is a great way to share the love this Christmas. This is one of our go-to pet gifts and lets you get a little creative with the frame. To really kick it up a notch, try adding your own mark to the frame like with painted on paw prints or painting on your friend or family’s name with their pet’s name. 

A Collectible Figurine Featuring Their Dog Breed

Who doesn’t love a cute figurine representing their dog? This pet gift is an assured win! 

A Dog Lover’s Calendar 

This is an excellent gift that keeps on giving: every month, they’ll have a new beautiful dog to look at and enjoy.

A Personalized Throw

While Christmas is a magical time of the year, it’s also a cold one! Keep your family member or friend and their dog warm on chilly evenings with a personalized throw. Just make sure to choose one that’s warm and fuzzy for optimal cuddling. 

A Dog Recipe Book 

These days, there’s a recipe book for everything. Why not share the cooking splendors with the dog this year? Or, you can download our FREE dog and cat treat recipes here

A Door Buddy

Do you know what dog lovers will love the most? The security of knowing that their pooch is well-protected from harmful household hazards and an unhealthy cat food diet! If there’s a cat in the house too, a Door Buddy door latch will be the perfect stocking stuffer. Our door latch keeps dogs out of rooms where they could get into trouble or into the cat litter or food. A safer home for all! If you’re looking for more reasons why you should buy a Door Buddy this festive season, make sure to check out this post here

Christmas Gifts for Your Dog

Best Gifts for Your Dog

Now that you've picked a lovely gift for the dog lover, it’s time to find some presents for the dog. Here are just a few ideas to get you started: 

Plush Toys

Be it a ball, a bone, or some other shape, dogs really enjoy these fluffy toys. Some come with a noisemaker, but be careful that this toy won’t become annoying for the owner.    

Doggy Clothing 

There are plenty of dog clothing options out there for your pet gifts. You may get something pretty, or, if you like practical, get something warm for the winter. A warm dog jersey will go down a treat when it’s time to go for a walk in the cold. 

Doggy Treats

It’s undeniable - dogs love treats! The best part is that they aren’t too fussy on the types of treats they get either. However, there are many bespoke bakes on the market and can be found in pet stores everywhere which is super helpful if the doggo is sticking to a particular diet. But, if you really want to show how much you care, try cooking the treats yourself.  

Pampering Items

While this is a classic pet gift, it’s also a dog lover gift. Keeping the doggie clean with shampoo, a gentle brush, or even a bandana can make the whole household happy! If you’re looking for puppy gifts, you can also try kitting them out with essentials like a new pet bed or fancy bowl. 

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So, as you can see, there are lots of ways to spoil your dog lover friends and family as well as their pets. Spreading the Christmas cheer can be a breeze with this Christmas gift guide and can guarantee a few smiles or grateful licks this festive season. 

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