2 Rescue Pets + 1 Door Buddy = 1 Happy Family

Cover Image - Door Buddy Pet Door Latch

Testimony from The Kraft Family


I’ll never forget Christmas Eve 2012. My dad and I drove to the local animal shelter with every intention of adopting a puppy and surprising my mom with it. When we arrived, a line of hopeful new pet parents waited patiently as volunteers took them to the kennels to pick out their new best friends. I grew impatient, but excited as kids walked out with huge grins, struggling to hold up cat carriers. Right before it was our turn to walk back, I watched a mother and young son walk by with the puppy we had fallen in love with online. My jaw fell open as disappointment set in, but my dad encouraged me to keep an open mind. As I made eye contact with each hopeful rescue, a lone black lab captured my heart. I knew it as soon as I laid eyes on him – he was who we were meant to find. Hunter came home with us that day and has lived happily ever since:


That was – until Christmas 2018. You may have picked up on my dad’s soft spot for rescues. A few days before the holiday, he went to the local pet supply store to grab Hunter’s dog food. Thoughtfully positioned right next to the register, a frail orange kitten watched customers check out. With a large bag of dog food in one hand, and a cardboard cat carrier in the other, my dad (and new brother, Baker) went home:

My parents did their best to introduce the boys, but Hunter had never experienced life with a cat. He chased poor Baker under couches and end tables, into the basement and into the upstairs abyss. Baker would rarely come out during the day and spent the duration of evenings racing throughout the house, knocking over remote controls, candles, tearing toilet paper and wreaking havoc on our home! Despite his nocturnal friskiness, my parents wished they could spend more time with him during the day to ensure his comfort. Mom would call, frantic and worrisome, to which I reassured her, “Give it time, mom! They’ll warm up to one another.”

Slowly but surely, Hunter realized the little orange fluff ball wasn’t going anywhere. He stopped chasing him but showed little interest in getting too close. We were all optimistic and confident that we could stop worrying about the duo – until Hunter discovered an abundance of treasure: cat food and cat poop.

“It was so annoying!” My mom said of having to constantly check on Hunter’s whereabouts. “We wanted to put Baker’s litterbox and bowls in the basement so he could get to them without being bothered, but we usually keep the basement door shut,” she said. “It was definitely an adjustment to keep the basement door open at all times. Even if we remembered to keep it open, Hunter’s tail would push it shut as he walked by.” It wasn’t a huge deal, just an annoyance. But one night the door was accidentally shut, and Baker scratched at the frame all night hoping to get out. “I didn’t want to cut a hole for a cat door,” dad said. “I though it would look tacky, but we were running out of options.” Thankfully, their fabulous daughter did some research and found...

The Door Buddy!

I told my parents about it, but they were a bit skeptical. How was a single strap supposed to keep a 110-pound lab at bay and simultaneously allow for a 10-pound kitten to stroll through? I sent them to the website and dad told me he’d believe it when he saw it.

It arrived while he was at work, so mom opened the packaging and installed it within seconds. “It couldn’t have been any easier,” she said. She also appreciated the subtle design. “I was hoping it wouldn’t be some colorful contraption that would stick out.” The gray and white chevron pattern accented our white and gray color scheme perfectly!


The Door Buddy offers a lot of different options depending on your needs, but we opted for the Door Buddy Dog Plus Door Stopper. It was exactly what we needed to make sure Baker didn’t get locked downstairs again.

When it came down to observing the actual practicality, dad decided to take Baker’s food downstairs while Hunter watched inquisitively from afar. We noticed Baker scamper downstairs but return quickly, probably wondering if he’d have another chance to get out of the basement. He peered out curiously.


When he finally realized the dog wasn’t going to race down and inhale his food, he retreated to his tranquil little corner and began to eat in peace!

“I just felt so relieved!” Mom said. “Can you imagine not being able to eat or use the bathroom because a giant dog is constantly terrorizing you?” She’s a bit dramatic – but her contentment and relief were 100% genuine. “It was great to be able to relax again,” dad said. “If Hunter walked into a different room, I didn’t have to get up and follow him. I could just trust that he wasn’t getting into anything.” My parents were so grateful for the reprieve! 

I asked them to continue to monitor the boys for the duration of that week. I hadn’t received any frantic phone calls or texts, so I figured it was all working out. Exactly 7 days after installing the Door Buddy, mom sent this picture:

Finally! After an adjustment period and implementing a safe haven, The Door Buddy, Hunter and Baker realized they could coexist in harmony. “This is what we’ve hoped for all along,” dad said. “I knew they would be best friends.” Baker has settled right in and can now access his designated space whenever he needs to, without fear of unwanted guests. “Everyone sleeps better at night,” mom agreed. Seeking harmony in your home? Check out the Door Buddy and get yours today!