How to Introduce a Cat to a Dog

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Are you longing for the patter of tiny paws and sweet meows? If you’re a dog owner looking to expand your furry family with a new cat, you may want to go the extra mile and read through our handy introducing cats tips. This will ensure a happy harmony of cats and dogs living together. After, all that’s what we all dream of, right? 

As you know, your dog is a pack animal and has evolved to live together in groups. This is why they’re so often ready to welcome new fur-ends with slobbery kisses! Cats, on the other hand, are naturally more solitary and territorial. Finding the balance between the two is essential in learning how to introduce a cat to a dog. 

Cats, as much as we love them, can be slightly more fickle too. They’re not the biggest fans of change, no matter their age. Whether they’re still a kitten or an older cat, there will be stress associated with the move to the new home. To avoid any cat-astrophies from happening, the key to cat training for a new home is to do it gradually – step by step.

With time and care, kitty will soon become a happy and delightful member of the family. And who doesn’t love the thought of that?

Cats and Dogs Living Together

Our Best Ways for Introducing Cats to Dogs

Keep Them Looking Good and Feline Fine

The best place to start when introducing cats is to create a kitty-safe territory. This will be their sanctuary for the first few days and an excellent place for them to settle into the changes around them. We recommend preparing this room in advance and then bring kitty directly into this room when you arrive home. Just make sure your doggo is securely out of sight!  

An easy way to make sure your pooch stays a safe distance away is to this is to fit one of our adjustable door straps. Our furparent customers love how easy it makes cat training for them and how it keeps the doggo out of trouble!   

Introduce Cats Through Scents

While the new cat is still in its confined space, you can start by introducing your pets to each other’s scents – without any visual contact between them.

You can always try dual feeding times to ensure a smooth introduction. Keeping the door closed, feed your dog on the other side of the door at the same time as you feed your kitty.  That way, they will associate each other’s smells with something good – food.

If catching the scent of your dog upsets your cat too much at first, start by placing the dog’s bowl some distance away from the closed door and then gradually move it closer over the next few days. The goal here is to not rush and to make sure that both your pets feel secure. 

Eventually, you could also bring one of your dog blankets into your cat’s confined room, allowing kitty to become accustomed to the smell before they meet.

If you have fitted a Door Buddy latch to your door, you can open it just wide enough for the two to catch a glimpse of each other but narrow enough so your doggo can’t rush in. Your purrfect cat will be free to roam around without feeling too threatened. 

How to introduce a cat to a dog with Door Budy

Be Brave and Let Your Cat Test the Waters

Once they’ve swopped scents, and your new cat is calm in her confined room – it is time to let the cat out for a roam around the house. This is vital in ensuring cats and dogs living together peacefully amongst each other. 

To do this, you will have to remove kitty from her safe room and place the dog in there without them spotting each other. So while your dog is sniffing around the empty kitty room – with the door closed securely – your cat can start to explore her new home.

You might have to repeat this exercise daily for a few days before the actual introductions start and they feel less shy.

Always Supervise When You Introduce a Cat to a Dog

After a few more days, the moment has arrived for formal introductions. As this will be their first meeting, take careful preparation, and remember that they might not click straight away. This is okay! This is a new territory for both your pawsome pets. 

First thing’s first, take your cat into a neutral room in the home and sit close by without restraining in any way. In the meantime, place your dog on a leash and have a family member keep a firm hold on them while entering the room. Remember when we mentioned that dogs tend to be more excited to welcome new members with licks and big movements? Leashing them up will help with this!

You’ll want to keep this first visit very short and repeat them for a few days until your pals are tolerating each other. Then, when they’re comfortable, let them visit for a longer time while still keeping your dog on a leash for safety.

Cat Training with Door Buddy

Cat training is a big part of cats and dogs living together. When you start to take this process carefully and with patience, your furry friends will be best buds in no time! So, when you’re next wondering how to introduce a cat to a dog, remember patience is crucial, and Door Buddy is your secret weapon.

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