Three Chatty Cats Discussing Giving Back

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Three Chatty Cats | A Conversation With The Owners


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   "  Shanelle and her husband Scott Johnson started their company Wittle LLC, with their product, Door Buddy, launching in October 2015. While they have a great and unique product, what also struck me about their company is that they are committed to giving back.

What was the inspiration behind Door Buddy? Door Buddy is really another one of those textbook “necessity is the mother of invention” stories. It all started one night in June 2014 when my nine-month-old daughter was having a party playing in the cat’s food bowl in the laundry room, when I thought she was playing with her toys behind me in the kitchen. Even though it was the funniest thing to my husband, we knew that the party could have easily turned to tragedy because of the choking hazard. I knew I could not let it happen again, so I started searching online for something that would not only keep her out of the laundry room, but that would also let my cats in.

Door Buddy keeps babies out of the cat's food bowl

 The only solution that we could find to solve both of these problems was a baby gate and that is what we decided to get. The baby gate did work, but not only did it cost a small fortune, it was also a pain to use since the laundry room is one of the most frequented rooms in our house. Not to mention our 28 lb Maine Coon simply refused to jump his big butt over the gate. Needless to say, we used the gate for about a week when we decided we had to come up with an easier way. Our brains went into overdrive. Our very first homemade solution worked like a charm. We knew in our hearts that this was something that could help others in a similar predicament. So, after a year and a half of further concepting, prototyping, testing, and a lot of stressing, we introduced Door Buddy to the public.

Dog Proofing the cat's litter box

Will you talk about the importance of giving back? My husband and I grew up on opposite sides of the world, but we grew up with almost identical ethics and a clear understanding that the joy of giving back far outweighs receiving. We both grew up with many pets, and we both know firsthand how much excitement and happiness pets can bring to someone’s life. When we launched Wittle LLC, we knew that we wanted to make giving back a fundamental part of our company. We both believe that as small business entrepreneurs we have a responsibility to help create a better future for the children and pets of tomorrow. Because “Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people [and businesses], can transform the world.”― Howard Zinn

The impact that these amazing animals and their handlers are making with the help of Pet Partners is truly spectacular. We are so happy to be able to give back to Pet Partners by donating $1 for every Door Buddy sold on our website.  "

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