How to Keep Dog Out of Litter Box

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Sharing your love with both your cat and dog is a wonderful thing. There’s nothing quite like seeing your two favorite pals get on!... That is until your doggo gets into the kitty litter.

How to keep dog out of litter box - tips and solutions

If you live in a multi-pet household, you probably already know that this has its own challenges. Most often it’s the troubles of keeping your dog away from the nasties your cat leaves behind!

Dogs raiding the kitty litter is a problem fur-parents have faced for ages and there are many reasons behind it! But, the truth is, your dog likes to sample the delights of the kitty litter box because it smells of cat food. We all know how dogs are natural scavengers and love to get their paws on an extra snack or two. Of course, this isn’t ideal for pet owners but it can also ruffle a few cat feathers too.  

Luckily, having a dog that can’t resist the litter box can mostly be harmless and can be easily remedied. However, if left unsolved, you can run the risk of opening your home to potential parasitic infections which can be harmful to your pets and yourself. Not to mention the disgust you may feel when you’re rewarded with a sloppy lick moments later.

Here’s the good news: there are a few ways for you to dog proof your litter box! For ways on how to keep dog out of litter box, read on. Finding the right option for you can help ensure a happy harmony for the whole household while keeping the stress levels to a minimum.  

How to Keep Dog Out of Litter Box:

1. Install a pet gate

If your cat litter is in a dedicated room that you rarely enter, using a pet gate is one way to keep the dog out of the litter box. However, it can be fairly costly and complicated to install - not to mention the hassle of figuring out how it works! 

A pet gate can be a great option for families who are willing to put in the work. You see, if the kitty litter is in a room that you frequently access, you might just get the work out you’ve been looking for by constantly getting up! Another downside to using a pet gate for dog proofing is the added challenged of opening it when your hands are full, or waiting for your cat’s meow when its time for them to do their business. 

Lastly, many people tend to forget that bigger dogs can easily jump over the gate. It happens more than you’d think! 

2. Cover the litter box

Covered littler boxes might look and smell more pleasing to us, but that doesn’t mean it is always a cat-friendly solution. All cats are different, but many cat lovers know that confined spaces can make their kitty feel uncomfortable and possibly even stressed when trapped. Our fickle friends tend to prefer an easy entry and exit when it comes to their bathroom habits.

covered cat litter box - keep dog out of litter box

Aside from limiting your kitty’s space, covered litter boxes might not be the solution for all dog owners. While bigger dogs may be stopped in their tracks, it’s the smaller dogs that you have to keep your eye on! Smaller dogs won’t be stopped from sampling the contents of a closed litter box and can still easily pop their heads or tongues in for a quick rummage. 

3. Snap-on a Door Buddy

It’s true that pet gates and covered kitty litter boxes are some of the more popular answers to dog proofing, but have you considered an even easier solution? Using a simple and affordable latch is a quick and convenient solution for how to keep dog out of litter box. It also provides owners with the freedom to continue throughout their day without being disturbed by frequent meows or a scuffle in the litter! 

Using a pet door latch gives your cat everything they need while keeping your dog out. Unlike the covered litter box, your cat has the freedom to roam in and out of rooms with the latch being adjusted to suit the right width of your puurfect pet. 

What’s even better is that when using a Door Buddy latch, you can adjust the width to suit both your cat and dog. This means that while your cat has easy access to their litter boxes, your doggo can’t jump over or paw through any gaps! Gone are the days of being grossed out and dealing with frustrated cats! 

The Door Buddy latch can be installed in seconds, with no tools necessary. Learn more about our product by watching the video below! 


As pet parents, it’s only normal that you’d want the best for your fur-babies - as both hooman parents and furbaby parents, we get you! Who would have thought that the biggest challenge of raising cats and dogs would be arguing about how to keep dog out of litter box? Finding the right dog proofing solution for your household is the key to keeping a happy and healthy home for all! 


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